Our Partners

We’ve partnered with the following organisations that make a positive impact on our environment & help less fortunate people around the world.


One Tree Planted

An amazing charity that fights deforestation by planting trees throughout North & South America, Africa, and Asia.   
Our connection with One Tree Planted has given you the option to plant a tree for a $1 donation.
Just $1 can help slow down climate change, save animal habitats, and maintain water in our world.
If you’d like to support this charity by planting a tree, you can do so by clicking here.
our partners one tree planted

Bare Vida

Bare Vida works to give back to the Balinese community and provides reusable alternatives to single-use plastic. Everything is beautifully handcrafted, one item at a time.
Their bamboo is sustainably sourced, they use zero chemicals in any of their products, and they recycle materials wherever they can.
Check out our beautiful hand made Bare Vida products here.
our partners bare vida
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