Your Sustainable Library

Below are free guides and ebooks for you to download at your own leisure ❤️

130 Easy Eco Swaps

Regardless of if you’re a beginner or a grand master, you’ll find something handy nestled among these pages.   

You can tuck it away safely for yourself or share the love with those who can benefit from this quick read (ie. everyone ❤️). 

We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.


Delicious Plant Based Recipes

Our Facebook group had a discussion about plant based recipes... it went bonkers. Some people even revealed secret family recipes.

I couldn't help but stitch it together for you and make it a free PDF that you can download now.


11 D.I.Y Zero Waste Hacks

We are constantly discovering alternative uses for things and ways to ‘cut corners’. So we wanted to share some of our favourite DIY Eco-Hacks :)

We've included some great uses for old newspaper, bottle lids and lots more!


Sustainable Bathroom Essentials

We’ve recently received a tonne of messages about our D.I.Y recipes.

So we decided to create a cute little e-booklet for you! It contains our favorite natural bathroom recipes.

So you never have to use plastic packaging again!


Save $7,000 by going Zero Waste

We asked the community to send in your budget saving ideas.

After doing some math, we calculated you can save up to $7,000!


Great question!

We've mapped it all out in a short, easy to read, and cute ebook!


A Guide To An Eco-Friendly Halloween

We've updated our DIY Halloween Ebook.

It comes packed full of cool ways you can reduce your waste and enjoy the holiday for what it is.

We spend a lot of time compiling these ebooks and giving them out for free... so if you like it, we encourage you to share it with a friend.